These modules work with all ODBC compliant membership databases.
I.E. those that have MS Access linked to the database backend, such as MS SQL Server, Progress, Pervasive, etc.

  • Database Monitor - Add Security to your database. Track deletions of Records and Access Objects. This module is in daily use at client sites to monitor their databases. Several potential crisis have been avoided using this module.
  • Electronic Publication - From a single prompted selection of Committees, Publications, and Mailing Lists, produce a de-duped selection list (by Constituent ID or Membership ID). From this list you can perform any desired combination of EMail, Fax and US Mail to save on postage costs. For example: email to selected members that have email addresses, fax to members without email addresses but with fax numbers and send U.S. mail to the remainder - from a single selection!
  • Remote Copy of Database - Make a duplicate copy of your office database to take on-site to an event. All reports defined in MS Access run against this copy. We can also create Access based forms to provide lookup capability while off-site.

For Information on these modules, please contact us for pricing and installation.

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